Every Day is a Mother’s Day!

Every Day is a Mother’s Day!

Ohana fine flowers and its family around the world celebrated a special day with their mothers. Well, based on the slew of orders with beautiful and touching messages that poured in all day till the end of May 13th, it’s a good guess! Even if you have missed due to your location or other commitments, now is not too late to catch up on wishing your mother.

You can now peruse our BRAND NEW web site at Ohana fine flowers and enjoy the smooth process and its beautiful imagery.

What we came across recently leaves its trail in our minds. “Mother is behind your smile, she is in the calm and ease you feel and she is there in the spring in your step. She is your first home and you ARE because of her.”

Happy Mother’s Day!!


Christmas is in the air!

Christmas is about love, cheer and family. The colours, scents and beauty of Christmas are best celebrated through equally colourful, aromatic and beautiful flowers. Come taste what Ohana Fine Flowers has to offer to you and your family this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!! Stay warm and stay safe!!!

Colours, Scents and Beauty of Christmas

Colours, Scents and Beauty of Christmas

Diwali – Your search for a sparkle ends here!

Navaratri and Diwali are just around the corner. It is a time to say our thanks, a sesaon of festivities and most importantly, a time to add that scintillating sparkle to our lives and of those around us. Sparkle does not have to begin and end with fleeting sparklers and fireworks, however. There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to say it with flowers. Equisitely designed hat boxes, custom designed wooden boxes and of course the classical glass vases filled with exotic, aromatic and tropical nosegays dot our exlusive Diwali 2010 collection

It’s time to pause and smell the flowers!

Colors of Diwali

Mother’s Day 2010

Spring is in the air. Trees are in full bloom. Birds are out. And…Mother’s Day is here already.

Ohana is celebrating this Mother’s Day with the finest of our finest collection specially picked to celebrate motherhood in grace and fine taste.  Please pick a special bloom package to declare your love, respect and gratitude for your mom.

If you are a tad late, don’t fret. She will understand. Mothers are like that. They are embodiments of unconditional love.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Valentine’s Day – It is the Language of Love!

Valentine’s day is here already.  Ohana is gearing up with a special collection of arrangements specially created for speaking the language of many a heart that is aflutter with the most beautiful emotion of love.

It is a great gesture to be able to love someone dearly and to express it elegantly as well.  www.ohanaflowers.com is willing to be your trusted messenger for your most treasured message.